North American shipping instructions

General Instructions

  • For any shipment weighing under 150 lbs, ship with the preferred parcel carrier using the appropriate account number.
  • If you do not know the account number; please contact the appropriate Business Unit directly. See Logistics Contacts if needed.
  • For any shipment weighing over 150 lbs, please contact our third party logistics provider:


Phone: 1-800-967-9619

TMC Supplier Routing Business Rules and Tips

TMC Navisphere Manual Order Creation User Guide

TMC Navisphere 2.0 Book PO User Guide

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Bill of Lading Instructions and Requirements

  • All Bills of Lading / Air Waybills must include the following items:
    • Purchase order number
    • Part number
    • Proper description of parts
    • Number of skids
    • Weight and dimensions of each skid
    • Full address of origin and destination

Freight Billing Instructions - North America

  • Unless otherwise instructed by an Oshkosh Corporation Logistics contact or Purchasing Department contact, shipments will move on a 'Freight Collect' or 'Third Party Collect' basis.
  • For all shipments, the BILL-TO field of every Bill of Lading / Air Waybill must read:

(Insert Business Unit Name) / Oshkosh Corporation
c/o Cass Information Systems
PO Box 17632
St. Louis, MO 63178-7632

  • Oshkosh Corporation will not be liable or responsible to pay any freight charges added to parts invoices without pre-approval from Corporate Logistics Department personnel. Contact Corporate Logistics Billing at


Expedited Shipments

  • All expedited Air and Ground shipments must have prior approval from the purchasing department of the business unit to which you are shipping.
  • For all expedited Air and Ground shipments you will be required to provide:
    • Origin address, including company name and point of contact
    • Destination address, including company name and point of contact
    • Ready time
    • Shipping hours
    • Skid count
    • Weight of each skid
    • Dimensions of each skid
    • Description of product